Well, Elle, I am honored to be held up by you here. I feel seen; its a value of mine to identify as a learner before being an authority or a certainty. I am also very turned on by people with a more nuanced presence in the world that holds up questions, uncertainty, curiosity.

Like Marley K. I find that Medium is a great venue for questions, uncertainty, and curiosity!

To be accurate, I have to note that Medium is also a great venue for bombast, bluster, logical fallacy, and false authority, but let’s accentuate the positive.

It is hot to sense that someone else is inquisitive! It means engaging with them could be interesting and an opportunity for growth — or even just a tasty surprise. It also means you are of a tribe that I also belong to. Perhaps those less curious can see that in language and glom together.

Prefers discussion over debate. Like all people, more than one thing. Opinions expressed here are ready for transformation from new information.

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